Ceramic Textures

By Aisling • • 25 May 2020

After my kids were born, I had a very hard time adjusting to life where every minute of every day was devoted to someone else, either my students or my kids. There was no quiet time, no time for reflection, and absolutely no time to get into the studio and work with metal. I do not do well without creating. It does for me what meditation, or the beach, does for others. It calms me and allows me to release the fears and worries while exploring thoughts and wishes. Determined to get back into creating, I decided to explore the medium which brought me to art in the first place.

Ceramics can be very forgiving of time, something that I lacked. With a goal of working on something for just 5 minutes a day, these wall hangings came to fruition. They are a visual diary of my thoughts and textures of my day or week. Some are a reflection of my past; the texture of a soft couch, a delicious marshmallow sweet from a 10p bag, or the flowers growing in my grandmothers back garden. Others explore overbearing and all-consuming anxieties manifesting and growing, while others explore a state of calmness and tranquility.

Each circle starts of as an 8″ diameter circle that is about 3″ tall before I add or subtract the textures. And they are low fire/earthenware ceramics.

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