By Aisling • • 25 May 2020

Purchased by the Foundation Academy in Jacksonville, Florida

11′ x 3′ x 3′

Steel and Cast Iron


In the center of continuance is an example of Irish Iconography known as a Triskele.  It is a triple spiral graphic that is found throughout Ireland in such places as Newgrange and other megalithic and neolithic sites.  Although dating back to pre-christian times, like the triquetra, it has become to be known as a christian symbol representing the trinity, – the father, the son, and the holy spirit.  It has also been adopted by neopagans and other religions where triadic or threefold is a central theme to their mythology. 

Continuance consists of two triangular forms that are repetitive in my work and are inspired by the cusped ogee windows, the Gothic archways and the standing stones.  Here these two forms are stacked, one as the foundation, and the other elevated of the ground and growing up towards the sky.  These two forms are braced together in the center with each one leading in and out of the other.  It is at the center point where a cast iron element displaying a triskele can be found.  It connects the two larger forms which suspend it in a large open space.  The sculpture represents the three aspects to my self identity, which are repeated in the triskele symbol.  The two forms represent the two largest influences, the foundation form represents the culture of my birth, Ireland, while the top form represents the culture where I live that continues to grow and influence me, the United States.  At an open central point these two forms collide into one another and support one another before once again independently emerge.  The tips of each form are joined together in a large open space by a cast iron triskele.  The triskele places the focus on the intersection of the two forms, the place where two cultures come together to create a hybrid.

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