Oráiste agus Liath

By Aisling • • 25 May 2020

Currently on Exhibition in Roswell, Georgia

7′ x 3′ x 2′

Painted Steel


Oráiste agus Liath (Orange and Gray)

This sculpture is an attempt to reconnect with my heritage.  The two forms are inspired by a combination of the cusped ogee windows, Gothic archways, and the standing stones and are repeated throughout my work in a variety of ways. 

The colors of the piece are inspired by the Flag of Ireland, known as the Tri-Color, which is divided into three equal vertical sections of green, white, and orange.  The Green represents the republic of Ireland, also known as the Free State.  The Orange represents Northern Ireland which is still under British Occupation.  The White of the flag symbolizes peace between the two political parties.  To this day, there is consistent unrest and violence so peace is not yet a reality, it is a gray area.

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