Artist Statement

By Aisling • • 13 Jan 2012

As an immigrant, I have often felt lost and disconnected to those around me, searching for a sense of place and belonging.  Growing up in Ireland, I saw the power that large public works have on the surrounding community, such as the Standing Stones of the Neolithic era, gothic architecture, and the political murals of today.  These works inspire many myths and legends, provide spiritual contemplation, commemorate historic events, express complex feelings and beliefs, and define a sense of place.  They create and define the community they surround.  Creating outdoor sculpture allows me to create work that may become part of a community environment and provide that sense of place and belonging to others.

I utilize Irish iconography and interlace knotwork within my work in an attempt to reconnect with my heritage.  Later works explore how various aspects within a community are interconnected and how they can come together to create something beautiful.

My smaller sculptural works and cast iron wall hangings utilizes Irish Iconography to explore the emotional repercussions of migration and to reconnect to the culture that I no longer get to participate in. 

My textural ceramics act as a visual diary that records my day to day emotions and reactions to my environment, society, and media. 

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