By Aisling • • 25 May 2020

Currently on Exhibition in Winter Haven, Florida

10′ x 2′ x 3′

Powder Coated and Painted Steel


Currently available

Many of my influences are interwoven into this one piece.  The form is inspired by the cusped ogee-headed windows and gothic archways combined with the height and scale of the standing stones.  The iconography displayed on each form is reminiscent of a different period of development in Celtic Interlace Knotwork.   The smaller form portrays the same spiral and lozenge shapes found carved into the frontal kerb stone at the Newgrange site.  The medium form displays Celtic knotwork that is frequently displayed in the Illuminated Manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.  The largest of the forms, contains many forms of more contemporary knotwork that is used frequently in both tourist and commercial applications of Celtic Iconography.  The three styles of Irish visual culture range in scale to represent their influence on the world.   Each section is stacked and interwoven with the other two displaying their relationship and influence on one another.  Using steel has allowed me to open up the form.  What is traditional carved out of heavy stone is now in a light fluid line that becomes the form itself. 

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